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Emerging tech and its impact on interactive media management professionals

As the digital scenario evolves and also its audiences, a Sillicon Valley company must do the right moves to keep influencing interactive media management professionals. It's them who will use those emerging techs for the companies they work with, so a wrong move in there can make it fall in obsolescence.
Linkedin, Twitter and Pinterest have invested in solid new emerging tech that's allowing them to keep and reach new audiences. And also keep its influence among professionals trying to find best business practices to them.
The machine learning models used by Pinterest under the name Pinnability have an important role on the maintainance of its relevance, as it delivers much better content than before, as you can see in the figure below, explained by Pinterest's website itself.
As an interactive media management professional, one thing was to put Pinterest among the tools that would help your company's influence by believing that a newer pin from a same source of something you pinned before could be of much help. With the new tools that accurately predicts the relevance score based on visual and textual features, the comprehension of what your target audience would like to get from you in terms of content went to a completely new level.
Linkedin has bought Lynda.com and with that acquisition it has gained a new relevance among marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, programmers or anyone wanting to improve its skills with the  numerous online courses they offer. And with that, many Canadian public libraries are now offering free access to its courses to libraries cardholders.
While Twitter has lost some ground to Facebook in certain aspects such as time spent on its website/app, they gained it back after they released Periscope, the company has attracted new companies to its portfolio, with the live video stream tool that Periscope offers to them. NBA, NFL, Bloomberg and Cheddar, the financial news website for millenials, have all signed deals with Twitter and have helped broaden its audience.

In order to take full advantage of these new tools and enhancements, here are 4 recommendations that will help you take the best of it:

1- First of all, you will need to be prepared for the competition you'll increasingly face. So Lynda.com must be your first stop among those new tools. You can choose one of their courses or they also lent a hand with that list of 5 suggestions made through a member survey, for Creative, Technical and Business courses in there.

2- A good tool can be the worst tool if you don't know how to tell a story. Or "interactive storytelling" as it must be from now on. If you work in a bakery, for an example, you will not simply turn the webcam on and start saying hello to everyone that stops by online. You will schedule a live session on Periscope to teach your clients/audience how to bake the best blueberry cheesecake ever! Tell a story! Engage!

3-  After a "streamingly" succesfull live Periscope session, the participants will start to ask you about a recipe for the best blueberry cheesecake ever. That's the moment that you will show them your blog, with a beautiful photo of that cake, and an invitation for your Pinterest, where those machine learning models will help enhance your clients experience within that subject.

4- You will not simply use all of these tools and believe you will be the best interactive media management professional of the year. You must understand which tools are better suited for your business, or for the company you work for. Should you be in al social networks ever? Would you allocate your money on Pinterest if the teens are the ones you're searching for (hello, Snapchat!). We have seen so many stories of bad social media strategy, resulting in empty social spaces, waste of time and money or even worse: criticism.

So, be careful to choose wisely, and don't forget the Canadian's own Hootsuite to schedule it all for you and specially analise and monitor if your strategy has been the best one.

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